Reversible Knitted Long Vest

The design of the Reversible Knitted Long Vest pays tribute to a blend of Peruvian cultures. The Tiahuanaco culture featured fine geometrics in their artwork. The Mochica used triangle shapes as symbols of the great pyramid temples while the diagonal lines symbolize the aqueducts built to bring water from the Andes to the valleys. The Chimú were especially known for vibrant geometrics on ceremonial masks. The zig-zag patterns symbolize the mountains and valleys. This sweater is a wearable piece of culture. It offers two looks, giving you a vibrant colour base for the design on one side, and on the reverse, a black base for the colourful design elements.

50% Alpaca - 50% Acrylic

Fair Trade Import

Do not put alpaca in hot water, agitate it, or dry in a dryer or on a heat source.

Soak in room temperature water with gentle detergent or shampoo for 30 minutes, rinse, gently squeeze away excess water, and lay flat to dry.

Wipe soiled area with a damp cloth free from soap, and allow it to air dry. Gently brush fur when dry and shake to fluff.