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Fibre Studio

Transforming the yearly fibre harvest from raw fleece into alpaca treasure is a lengthy process and it takes place in the Fibre Studio.

Fleece travels from the skirting table through a sorting process after which it is kept for use on the farm, shipped to one of the many area mini-mills, or shipped out to a fibre co-operative.

If it's kept on site, it travels from skirting table to tumbler to picker to carder (and sometimes to dye pot in the midst of that journey).

What remains on site becomes the raw material for Creations by Shannon.

These unique hand made items are created through the process of felting (raw fibre introduced to water, agitation and soap to produce a new fabric). In its simplest form, the art of felting produces soap in a sweater, dryer balls, and felted mitts. In its more complex form, it becomes nuno-felted scarves (fibre on silk with added textures and embellishments), purses, and even clothing!

When you visit the farm, be sure to ask us what we're working on in the Fibre Studio!

Current Products

These scarves are created by Shannon. The silk is hand-dyed and the raw alpaca fleece is cleaned, dyed and carded or used in its natural state. Interesting accent fibres such as merino, mohair, bamboo, soy silk and tencel are added. Through a process involving agitation and olive oil soap, the alpaca felts, shrinks and pulls the silk, producing a beautiful puckered effect. These scarves are light-weight, airy and all one-of-a-kind creations. Each scarf includes a coloured, detailed description of the creation process.

Past Projects

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