About our Products

Why Choose Alpaca Fibre?

Once reserved for Incan royalty, the exotic fibre of these South American members of the camelid family has been called ‘fibre of the gods’! So, why does choosing alpaca make sense?

  • Surpasses other fibres in softness and warmth
  • Has a hollow core that increases thermal value
  • Wicks moisture away from the body
  • Can usually be worn by people who are sensitive to wool
  • Resists dust mites
  • Processed without chemicals
  • Contains almost no lanolin
  • Resists acquired odours
  • Organic and sustainable resource

Why Choose Alpaca Bedding?

An alpaca duvet resists burning due to the natural moisture content of the fleece. Without almost no lanolin and grease, it resists dust mites and other allergens. No chemicals are used in processing. Unlike synthetic materials, alpaca fibre products will breathe and wick moisture away while you sleep.


What's the Difference between Sheep Wool and Alpaca Fibre?

The outside of each strand of sheep wool has many microscopic scales along the length of the strand. These scales catch the surface of the skin and cause some people to feel prickly. In contrast, the scales on alpaca fibre are at a lower height, there are fewer of them, and generally the fiber is smoother. Sheep wool contains large amounts of lanolin which holds dust and microscopic allergens that can trigger allergies. Alpaca fibre contains almost no lanolin to trap allergens, so it can be called hypoallergenic. People with wool-based allergies can usually wear alpaca without a problem.

Alpaca Socks - What's the Big Deal?

Alpaca is a lightweight, natural fibre, so alpaca socks weigh less than other socks while providing greater warmth. They do not absorb water so they do not foster bacterial growth which can lead to foot odour. They are easily hand washed by soaking and gentle rinsing and, unlike traditional socks, can be worn several times before washing. (We kid you not!)

Product Care

You’ll enjoy your alpaca product for many years to come by following a few simple care

tips. Do not put alpaca in hot water, agitate it, or let it dry on any heat source. 

For best results, hand wash or dry clean.


Hand Wash Instructions

  • soak in cool water with gentle detergent (or shampoo) for 30 minutes
  • gently squeeze the water through to loosen dirt and drain the water
  • repeat the rinse until detergent is gone
  • gently squeeze excess water
  • lay flat to dry, on a towel if preferred

Fur Products and Plush Items

Alpaca fibre does not contain lanolin or have scales that can trap dirt or debris. This means that your alpaca fur product should maintain its lustre simply by periodically shaking it free of dust. Should your alpaca fur item get soiled, you can

  • wipe soiled area with a damp cloth, free from soap
  • allow to air dry
  • gently brush item when dry and shake to fluff the fur
  • for extreme cases, consult your dry cleaner


  • DO NOT store in plastic or dry cleaning bags
  • sweaters, shawls, and ponchos should be folded and laid flat, not hung
  • if storing for the season, consider using cedar chips or lavender bundles