Peruvian Double-Knit Reversible Bed Socks

These 100% alpaca socks are hand-spun and hand-knit by our fair trade partners. The shorter, non-constricting leg makes these socks ideal for individuals with diabetes. They can be reversed for a completely new pattern and colour palette.  These super-warm slouch are pure luxury and need to be seen to be believed! 

If you wish to order online, a pair will be selected for you. Due to the fact that they reverse to two different colour palettes, you will have two great wearable options.

*Suggested retail: $64.49


Fair Trade Import

Do not put alpaca in hot water, agitate it, or dry in a dryer or on a heat source.

Soak in room temperature water with gentle detergent or shampoo for 30 minutes, rinse, gently squeeze away excess water, and lay flat to dry.

Wipe soiled area with a damp cloth free from soap, and allow it to air dry. Gently brush fur when dry and shake to fluff.