Light-Weight Alpaca-Cotton Yarn

This alpaca blend 3 ply yarn adds cotton to produce a yarn that is light-weight and appropriate for cooler seasons. If you like to include cotton as a natural fibre in your creating, this yarn is a great choice. The bright colours really 'pop'!

Approximately 250 yards/100 gram skein

50% cotton, 30% alpaca, 20% fine merino

Farming Co-operative

Do not put alpaca in hot water, agitate it, or dry in a dryer or on a heat source.

Soak in room temperature water with gentle detergent or shampoo for 30 minutes, rinse, gently squeeze away excess water, and lay flat to dry.

Wipe soiled area with a damp cloth free from soap, and allow it to air dry. Gently brush fur when dry and shake to fluff.