Hand-Crocheted Hodge Podge Booties with Sheepskin Base

These baby booties are hand-crafted with our Hodge-Podge lopi yarn featuring alpaca mixed with merino and unique add-ins like tencel, stellina, and angelina. This super fun yarn features pops of colour set against natural hues and crocheted onto a sheep skin base for coziness and durability. Even though each pair of slippers comes from the same skein, each slipper will be unique and slightly different from its partner! Grab a pair of these one-of-a-kind quirky slippers for the little one in your life.


Do not put alpaca in hot water, agitate it, or dry in a dryer or on a heat source.

Soak in room temperature water with gentle detergent or shampoo for 30 minutes, rinse, gently squeeze away excess water, and lay flat to dry.

Wipe soiled area with a damp cloth free from soap, and allow it to air dry. Gently brush fur when dry and shake to fluff.