Destiny's Purpose Book Reviews

Professional Reviews

  • ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ - Foreword Clarion Review

    "Destiny's Purposeis a picture book that admirably uses the story of an outsider animal to educate readers about alpacas and an auto-immune condition in order to elicit their empathy for those who are different...Cassidy-Rouleau has skillfully used her teaching background and knowledge of educational texts for children to create this book...Overall, Destiny's Purpose  is an old-fashioned sort of picture book with commendable illustrations that will educate adults and children alike."
  • ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆ - Sacramento Book Review

    "Reading Destiny's Purpose is like reading a comforting novel. The words are almost poetic, the pace leisurely. The book takes readers on a journey they’re sure to enjoy...Author Shannon Cassidy-Rouleau has created a wonderful story, which gently deals with alopecia, a little-known disease where people lose their hair. Yet the story is not "about" alopecia, it is about Destiny and how by being himself, he discovers his purpose. Any child who has ever felt like an outcast will relate to Destiny's story and will be surprised how things can change when one does what comes naturally."
  • Publishers Weekly Select

    "In a palpably affectionate narrative, Cassidy-Rouleau introduces a young alpaca who's the darling of Peter and Nora's herd...The author, who raises alpacas in Ontario, can't resist a couple of plugs for alpaca fleece ("I've heard it's softer than wool and many times warmer," says one of Nora's customers), but the theme of acceptance is delivered gently...Auth's delicately outlined full-bleed watercolors are nicely suited to the bucolic setting, and readers will identify both with Destiny's upset over being cast out from the herd and his growing confidence. Back matter includes details about alpacas and alopecia, as well as a glossary, making this an intriguing insider's look at the animals and a reminder that some talents require looking below the surface."
  • Reader's Choice Book Reviews

    "It is no wonder why parents and educators are raving about Destiny's Purpose as the book uniquely combines an interesting look at alpacas with an overcoming adversity message and insightful information about alopecia. There is a free teacher's guide online and I think the book would blend well with most language/literacy and or animal science programs. The story is presented with wonderful, descriptive detail and clear dialogue throughout. The illustrations are exceptional works of art. I read the book to my children aged five and seven and they both enjoyed it. They showed sadness and compassion for Destiny when he was shunned by the herd and happiness when his purpose is revealed. The glossary was a nice touch to help with understanding "alpaca lingo". I highly recommend Destiny’s Purpose for at home reading and for classroom study for 5-10 year olds."
  • Midwest Book Review

    "What everyone else has picked for you may not be your ultimate destiny. "Destiny's Purpose" tells the tale of an alpaca called Destiny, who is slated by his owners to be a major figure in the show ring. But something else seems to be in the future for Destiny, in this book designed to help readers learn that they are the masters of their own destiny. "Destiny's Purpose" has unique art from Dennis Auth, making for a fine pick for grades 2 and 3 readers, or parents looking for read-aloud books."
  • Kirkus Discovery Reviews

    "The lovely illustrations, rendered in soft, muted colors, are well-suited to the story and ably support the writing...The story will bring comfort to those who have had to either struggle with a disability or support someone in their effort to overcome an obstacle...A lushly illustrated and well-written story with a big heart and a noble purpose."