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Ballintotas alpaca breeders offering Ontario Canada

Braeside, Ontario, Canada
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Alpaca Farm and ChildrenAbout our Farm

Conceived in 2003, Ballintotas Alpacas was born from a desire to spend more quality time with our children in a low stress, family-oriented business venture. Both working full-time with very small acreage, Chris and I wanted a chance to enjoy the outdoors and involve our children in caring for livestock.

My mother had always expressed an interest in the alpaca, and after her death, we were drawn to the gentle nature and environmental benefits of the animals. After visiting area farms, we fell in love with the alpacas’ fuzzy topknots and big expressive eyes and quickly recognized a rewarding hobby, potential for profitability and attractive tax benefits.

The farm is named after the small town in Ireland where my late father was born, recognizing that he too would have loved these curious and intelligent creatures.

Since taking the plunge, it has given our young children a chance to experience a unique farm experience and to take part in hands-on, family-oriented fairs, shows and to travel to alpaca farm open houses. We have met a wonderful circle of alpaca owners and have enjoyed great support from these fellow alpaca enthusiasts.

It has been great to take a step away from our busy, working lives and go "Back to Nature"!

Ballintotas Alpacas
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